byMovers© has been created for and together with moving companies.

Each module has been designed by the best professionals.

What is byMovers?

byMovers© is an ERP/CRM designed with the last technology and passionately developed side by side with moving companies and moving associations (specially with FEDEM), to bring to the market a complete management software for moving and storage companies, affordable and reliable.

byMovers© offers a complete, flexible an dynamic solution for the daily work of every moving Company, covering all their needs.

We perfectly know through our experience moving companies need to be in a constant evolution, adapting their human and technical resources to offer a fast and quality service. byMovers© helps your Company to be ready for any business oportunity, optimizing your abilities and time.

byMovers© brings all the best of the social networks and the power of the cloud working to the moving and storage business.

We are sure this is the right tool for your moving and storage Company.

6 good reasons to choose byMovers

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These are the main features that make byMovers the best option for your Moving Company.


As a modular solution, byMovers can be adapted to your needs. You pay for what you really use.


byMovers is an app for any PC or Mac in your office, your visitor's Tablet and your sales agent's Smartphone.

Social Sharing

You can share routes and services with other moving companies, making the most of your free space.


As a Cloud product, you can use byMovers anywhere, just with an internet connection. Manage your Company everywhere.


Free, Fast and Reliable Technical Support. With qualified and professional experts.

Always Updated

byMovers is always getting better with new improvements and feautures. Enjoy always the last version for free.

A Quick View to our Modules


The Surveyors' app.

byVisitors is a mobile app for smartphones and tablets designed and developed for surveyors with a clean, intuitive and easy to use interface.

byVisitors notifies to surveyor next survey date and time, to never miss a visit. byVisitors allows for creating and editing new surveys, or complete the surveys created in byMovers platform. With access in real time to surveys planning and calendar, customer info, origin, destination, human and materials resources needed, and full inventory of the service. Adding rooms and items never was so easy and fast.

byVisitors will calculate automatically the volume (or weight) of every room and the total volume (or weight) of the full service, as well as the distance from origin to destination, the best route to take and the time to cover it.

byVisitors allows surveyor to prepare an estimate and even get it signed by the customer on site, with all survey info received in our office at the moment it is taken, uploaded to the moving service dossier. ByVisitors can also create Survey Reports, and enclose all comments and text we need to the survey file.

Make your surveys fast and easy in a professional way using byVisitors.


The Removal Workers' app.

byOperative is the mobile app for removal workers. Get all the information about the moving service in the palm of your hand. byOperative runs on every tablet or smartphone, even with no internet connection. With GPS Navigation to every origin and destination, and Call Center to contact customer or back office.

byOperative provides to the workers all information about the moving service dossier. Making a full and in real time tracking of the whole process when any action is done.

All the information is uploaded automatically in byMovers platform, so Moving Company knows what happens the minute it happens, every step of the way. byOperative is ready to get customer approval of loading and unloading, manage incidences, create packing lists and even upload pictures to the system.

Extra works can be added also to the move dossier. All in a simple, intuitive and easy to use interface.

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byLogic© is a Company that provides comprehensive technical solutions in mobility of things.

We are experts in create, develope and integrate new Hardware and Software applied to logistic systems for moving information, files and objetcs through the network and the real world. We deeply believe in creating an efficient system for managing and controlling companies efficiency, optimizing resources and improving benefits. We work together with our customers in getting better every day.

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